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Adam's Shines on SYTYCD
Adommy Moment SYTYCD

Adam Adam, you made me swoon again.  Adam rounded out the first hour of the finale of So You Think You Can Dance? Wednesday night.  Yes, he appeared LIVE! I was in another room and heard girls screaming, so I knew it had to be Lambert time.  My Adam was back in his groove, exuding confidence, charisma, and pent up sensuality which we got in bits, instead of a graphic display, and no, I did not trip, Adam, and neither did you!

Adam really brought the persona of the FYE video to this version of Whatya Want From Me? which was genius.  He dressed like a 40's lounge singer in an elegant grey suit, with cool spats, narrow silver tie.  He made the look his with his black fingerless gloves, semi-upswept do, and his asymmetric eye makeup, an artful tear under one eye?

The strange coiled embellishment on his shoulder was on his keyboard player's head during the AMA performance.  It has got to mean something for it to move from Lisa Harriton's head to Adam's shoulder and back. Any ideas? Looked like a oddly shaped tarantula, an homage to Lady Gaga, his favorite artist who loves fantastical costumes? Maybe a coiled snake, emblematic of his pent up sexuality, ready to spring free at any moment?  

Speaking of backs, Tommy Joe's back rub, neck 'kiss',  followed by Adam's signature tongue action, to denote his even higher turned on state, has been viewed a zillion times in slow motion by his fans. What a treat. Sure, Adam stated in an interview that Tommy is straight, but we can hope it 's more fluid than that.  I love fantasizing about Adommy, Lamliff. It makes me happy. 

Back to the song, previously he sang it with the sweet boy next door persona, not the back door man. It was defiant for him to perform tonight’s song the way he probably wished he had performed FYE live. Noone’s going to put Baby in the corner. Even the Adommy back rub was from the FYE video, plus the same hair, same smile, same eyebrow lift, 45 seconds in.

What a Wednesday night. Just think, Adam on U.S. TV, THREE TIMES IN ONE EVENING! He had a brief comedic moment on Leno under the mistletoe, plus a fun interview with Chelsea Lately. Thanks,ABC.

More Adommy photos, posted by someone else:
Article about his Chelsea Handler appearance, with video:

Adam and the Motorcycle
New, fantastic photos of Adam at EW! Kudos to EW for loving Adam as much as we do:,,20312226_20331355,00.html
Adam talks about his ideas for his spring tour.  He doesn't want to perform in stadiums.  He prefers a more intimate setting with more interaction with his fans.  I love how he is directing his career. I think having his mother involved with the business end, along with his father's advice, he's staying grounded and wise.

Update: Anne Le Case

The journalists are starting to put together a profile of this guy. He wears preppy khakis and a striped polo shirt, perhaps to fit in his environment, but his tattoos reveal another persona.

It is hard to believe he is such a control freak that an argument over cage cleanliness could provoke murder.

He may have had a fantasy crush on Annie and couldn't stand the idea of her marrying someone else. The meeting he set up with her may have just been a ruse to get her alone so he could kill her.

My Annie Le Theory
Before I found out about the lab tech, I shared this theory with a coworker….

Her upcoming wedding is what triggered the murder. I believe it is an unbalanced narcissist, who has a fantasy relationship with Annie. He’s in love with her and cannot live with the idea she is marrying someone else, so he decides he has to kill her. Because, of course, he does not actually love her. She fulfilled a need in him, but once married she will represent his inadequacies. Seeing her after her wedding would be excruciating for him.

Annie has such a warm, outgoing personality, and she was probably TOO nice to him, which is why he got attached to her. I pictured him as a sort of good looking nerd, so he would think he is good looking enough to capture her heart, and he could not understand why she could not be interested in him.

He’s delusional, in his own world. The murder was planned and had to precede the nuptials. I was certain the wedding was related to the murder and that she knew the killer. I could not understand why none of the talking heads saw a connection between the murder and the wedding. I’ll be shocked if it’s NOT connected.

When I watched the news that night and saw video of Raymond, I was flabbergasted, because he is exactly how I pictured him: nice looking but something OFF about him, something weird.

I can’t stop thinking about this story. How one whack job can end a life so full of promise and break so many hearts.

Slow Ride With Adam message board for Lambert friends

Adam on twitter:

Why All This Swooning Over Adam?

Besides his talent and good looks, he’s fearless, confident in the best sense.  He's reckless and disciplined.  He knows who he is, loves it and wants to share it with us, his talent as well as himself, all of who he is.  He exudes warmth, humor, kindness.  His eyeliner is emblematic of his free spirit.   I adore him.

It's nice to see photos and video of him hugging fans, squeezing them tight, as if he understands what they need from him.   I think he does understand, and he enjoys giving of himself as much as he can.

I can't get enough of Adam.  He does bring back some great memories of time spent with muscicians in my 20's, but it's much more than that.  I'm stunned by his talent, his ease, his confidence, his charisma.  His voice is not always pretty, but I feel it in my soul.  He turns me on and makes me swoon, and I love it.  I walk down the street singing Mad World.

Myself and others my age want to BE Adam.  He represents a creative, free part of ourselves we'd lost to some degree as we got older.  We'd forgotten about it, and Adam is rejuvenating us.  Remember the heterosexual guy who wrote about his crush on Adam?  He wants to be Adam, too.  See my post about that. 

To the puzzled heterosexual with a man crush on Adam Lambert:

Your post made me smile, and I understand your puzzlement.  Perhaps it is this:  Adam is so comfortable in his own skin, so alluring, tantalizing,  he draws you into his web.  The more you hear him sing, the more you feel what he is feeling, the more you feel emotionally connected to him.  Add to that the talent, the tease, the sweetness, the intensity of the experience of listening to him, the more you feel connected to him. 

You look foward to seeing him, feeling him again, just like you do with a crush.  His smile, his humor, his kindness, everything about him is wonderful.  He’s so incredibly sexy, you want to be like him.  He makes you feel so wonderful, you can’t wait to see him and hear him again.  Like a crush.  It IS a crush, and has little to do with wanting to get him into bed, really.  It’s how he makes you FEEL

Just looking at his photo brings back the feelings, so you can’t get enough of him. It’s a different kind of crush, but it IS a crush that defies sexual orientation.  Don’t fret about it, keep enjoying it.  He’s a phenomenon, an icon, a superstar, and it feels like he’s part of my life, and I love it.  I’m so glad you allowed him into your life, too.


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