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Rebop Bops

rebopper rejuvenation

Adam & Sauli at Elton John's Oscar Party Feb 26

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour

Super Saturday
It was a treat to go to the supermarket today after a week of being cooped up. The Star Market in Chestnut Hill is fancy. You take an escalator up high, and land facing gorgeous produce. I forgot how colorful fruit can be. When done shopping, the cart gets its own escalator ride down. A helper guides it on and off the track. Very cool.

A grocery guy told us not to rely on the ease of pulling leaves out of the top of a pineapple to judge ripeness because lots of people tugged on the leaves before you. He said to smell the bottom, instead.... doggy style, I guess! I found a good one hiding under a heavy box of pineapples, smelled great and leaves came out, too.

I hope that works better than my brother's attempt to buy red grapes. I told him to eat a grape to test sweetness because they can look great and taste like lemons. So, how did we get lemons?? He finally confessed to eating a sweet grape but buying a different bunch that was larger. He assumed the entire shipment would taste the same!

My motto for my life is "Never assume anything."

It's a crisp day, some sun, cool and invigorating. Perfect!

Adam Lambert on Sunrise Aussie TV
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My 1st Slide Show Adam Lambert, of course!

Most photos are from Aussie So You Think You Can Dance, and Fantasy Springs, US.

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Best Leno Moment
Pluck me, Adam, please!

Video of Adam's CD Shoot
"So for his album cover and packaging, we found a killer castle (in Yonkers of all places) with an opulent, boudoir kind of vibe."


By Warwick Saint.

Adam, age 16, Working at Starbucks
Adam was funny on Leno. He mentioned Starbucks and how he smelled like coffee all the time.  Jay said he smelled like Mcdonalds.  Leno kept touching Adam, his knee mainly.  He loves Adam.  Jay's wife probably makes him watch all his videos.

The Jewish Mother Interview

One of my fave interviews is at The Jewish Journal with Gail Zimmerman.

JN: I loved the version of Muse’s “Starlight” you sang on Good Morning America and can’t wait to hear you perform it at tonight’s concert. AL: Thank you. JN: The song’s lyric, “Black holes and revelations.” AL: Isn’t that beautiful? JN: What’s the biggest black hole you’re afraid of falling into? AL: Obscurity. That would be a shame. That would be a real shame. If I have anything to say about it, it won’t happen no matter what goes on with my career.

JN: What’s the biggest revelation you’ve had? AL: You know, at the risk of sounding a little bit cliché, that anything’s possible. I really think that, to a point, if you dream something and really visualize it, I think that it can come true. I really do believe that now.

JN: I know your mom’s going to be working for you. AL: She’s going to be helping me with administrative stuff. Yeah. JN: What’s the best piece of unsolicited advice she’s given you lately? AL: You know, it’s funny [but] my mom doesn’t give me a lot of advice these days. I think it’s kind of in the vein of an unspoken kind of advice. It’s more of a support thing. My dad’s really Mr. Advice. JN: There’s always one parent who’s like that. AL: Yeah, yeah yeah. My dad’s my teacher. Teacher-parent.

The full interview is is here: http://tinyurl.com/yhfq3bv

My Dreidle Spins the Other Way
The highlight of Adam's appearance on The View:  Joy Behar:  "You're not exactly a nice jewish boy, let's face it Adam".  Adam replied, "Yeah, I'm a little different, I'm a little different... my dreidle spins the other way."  That comment is emblematic of his blithe spirit!  Adam has so much charm and charisma, stellar talent, plus authenticity and sweetness galore.  And yeah, even straight men get crushes on Adam.  His sex appeal is universal.